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Welcome to Col Schechtman's Classroom

My name is Col (retired) Greg Schechtman and I would like to welcome everyone to my Air Force Junior ROTC class.   I graduated from Florida State University (Go Noles!) and did my doctoral Information Systems research at Washington State University.  I have taught at Washington State University, TheAir Force Institute of Technology and the US Air Force Academy. I am currently in my fourth year teaching Aerospace Science here at Randolph High School and am having a ball! I love reading, running, college football and all things Harry Potter! I look forward to working with all my students and parents as we start the 2022-2023 school year and learn about good citizenship, our nation, and all cool things about different cultures around the world.


Sign up for my AFJROTC Remind: information is in Google Classroom. 



Class Expectations

  • Follow the school rules--integrity first
  • Be on time. Don’t be late to class, scheduled events, practices, etc.
  • Always bring your required items to class (Chromebook, charger, notebook, pen/pencil, etc).
  • Proudly wear the correct uniform, cleaned and pressed the first school day of every week
  • Do not sleep in class, keep your head up and pay attention
  • Treat others with mutual respect. Profanity, vulgar language, racial or ethnic slurs, derogatory
    comments, sexual harassment, or harassment of any fellow cadet or student will not be tolerated.
  • No cell phone use is allowed during class unless your instructor allows it for a specific purpose. Repeated reminders of this rule will result in cell phones being confiscated and returned when the class period is over.
  • Remain professional; do not sit on desks, tables, trash cans, etc.
  • Maintain self-control and your self-respect at all times.
  • Heed the “Three Ps” – Prepare, Participate and Pay Attention

Class Schedule

  • Mondays: Leadership Education & Drill (Varner)
  • Tuesdays: Leadership Education Class (Varner)
  • Wednesdays: Aerospace Science Class--Milestones in Aviation History (Schechtman)
  • Thursdays: Aerospace Science Class--Milestones in Aviation History (Schechtman)
  • Fridays: Health and Wellness (PT)
PARENTS & GUARDIANS: My planning period is daily during 5th period (11:39-12:43) and is the easiest time to reach me if you'd like to speak. However if that doesn't work for you feel free to email me and I'll follow up asap.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom codes will be given out on the first day of class. Parents wishing to join can email me directly at [email protected].



Tutoring is available from 3:35 to 4:07 Mondays through Thursdays and during WIN by appointment.  I am available by phone during my planning period (8:54 - 9:44 am) daily. My email address is [email protected].

U.S. Air Force Academy Logo

Dear Parents and Cadets of the Randolph High School AFJROTC Program,

     As we approach the 2022-2023 school year we are projected to be almost 125 strong. 

     We want to provide you a brief introduction to our program in this letter.  The AFJROTC mission is to “Develop Citizens of Character, Dedicated to Serving Their Nation and Community.”   It is important to note that we are NOT here to recruit your son or daughter for the military, and participation in our program incurs NO military obligation to serve in the Armed Forces.  Cadets can participate in the program all four years in high school, and earn Physical Education credit for enrolling in AFJROTC as an elective class.  However, the cadet must actively participate in the physical fitness portion of the program and the AFJROTC Fitness Challenge in order to receive PE credit.

     AFJROTC is a character education program set in a military structure.  It involves a blend of curricular and extra-curricular activities that give cadets many opportunities to become involved with the Corps.  Classroom instruction includes Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, as well as drill and ceremonies.  The curriculum is standardized by the Air Force, who provides all curriculum materials for each of the four Aerospace Science and Leadership Education courses.

     A main requirement of the program is wear of the Air Force Junior ROTC uniform.  Cadets are required to wear the uniform on the first school day of the week, and will be expected to comply with all associated grooming standards governed by Air Force Instructions.   Uniforms are provided by the Air Force, and are identical to the active duty enlisted uniform, with the exception of various ranks, badges, ribbons, and other insignia.  Because all issued uniform items are Air Force property, proper care, cleanliness, custody, and accountability of these items is expected throughout a cadet’s entire tenure in the AFJROTC program. 

     There are a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that will be available to cadets; currently we have the following teams: Armed Drill, Unarmed Drill, Color Guard, PT, Orienteering, Academic, Sabre, Archery and Marksmanship.  Given AFJROTC is intended to be a cadet-run program to the greatest extent possible, motivated cadets will both participate in and lead these programs under supervision of the instructor staff.

     Both in and out of the classroom, the central focus of character education remains paramount.  Therefore great emphasis is placed on the concept of being a good citizen.  Mutual respect, teamwork, good conduct, leadership, and discipline are all cornerstones of this program. Most importantly, we are always looking for an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.




Gregory m. Schechtman, USAF (Ret)

SASI, Randolph High School