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All home game tickets are digital and will only be sold online.

Contact Information: 
Athletics Main Phone: 210-357-2473
High School Office: 210-357-2400
Men's Coaches Office: 210-357-2457
Women's Coaches Office: 210-357-2459
Athletic Training Room: 210-357-2477
Dr. Brian Holt - Superintendent
Mr. Elliott Ortiz - Athletic Director
Mrs. Satara Green - Athletic Secretary
Mr. Todd Olivera, MS, ATC, LAT- Athletic Trainer
Dr. Mark Malone- Randolph Secondary Schools Principal
Ms. Amanda Bauer - Randolph Secondary Schools Vice Principal
Mrs. Rachel Trevino - Randolph Secondary Schools Associate Principal 
Mr. Matthew Atwell - Randolph Secondary Schools Assistant Principal
Mrs. Simone Galeana- Randolph Secondary Schools Counselor 
Mrs. Destiny Price - Randolph Secondary Schools Counselor 
Injury documentation
In order to provide the best care possible for the student athlete, the Athletic Trainer must be kept abreast of all illnesses and injuries. Should your son or daughter go to the doctor please bring a note back with directives from the doctor about play guidelines. If a student athlete does not bring a note back, it will be assumed that the doctor said he/she was not allowed to play and the student will sit out until the note is received.