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Ro-Hawk Marching Band Summer Camp:  Grades 8-12

Tentative Start:  August 1 - Check back periodically for any changes


New Students to Randolph: Please call us at 210-357-2470 and leave a message with your name and phone number, your child's name, grade and instrument they play so we can plan accordingly for the show drill formations. 


8th Grade Students:   8th grade students for the 2024-2025 school year have 2 choices for the coming school year.  8th Grade Concert Band is consistent with what they have done this past school year or the Randolph Ro-Hawk Marching Band. We encourage our 8th graders to be in RHS Marching Band. It gives them a more active, exciting and fun band experience.



Important questions many parents ask every year-

1.  Can my child be in band and sports? – Answer is YES. We love to see students in band and competing in athletics at the same time.


2.  What if we are out of town for all or part of the band camp dates? Please call us at 210-357-2470 and leave a message with your name and phone number, your child's name, grade and instrument they play so we can plan accordingly for the show drill formations. 



Required Sports Physicals:

Lastly, everyone can show up for summer band camp but only students that have a completed the electronic forms on the Rank One Sports Website and submitted a current sports physical on file with Mr. Olivera in the athletic office will be able to march outside. Students that have not completed the process will stay inside and learn the marching band music. Sports physicals are good for 12 months so if you child has a doctor’s appointment before the end of this school year please try to have the doctor do a sports physical while you are there and fill out the RFISD sports physical form that is on the athletics webpage.) Below is the link with the UIL sports physical form, RFISD Travel form and Rank One Webpage Link. (if you obtain(ed) a sport physical for your child between November 2023 and May 2024 it will be good for 12 months so it will be good for summer band and most of the 2024 Fall Semester.)  



Randolph Athletic Requirements Webpage:


Please email your child's sports physical to Mr. Olivera, RFISD Athletic Trainer, at  [email protected]


Please register on Rank One and fill out the required electronic forms:  after July 1st

Everyone will need to register/re-register on the Rank One Website for the new school year starting July 1, 2024 


Randolph Band Booster Organization: Many of our after school events, such as our fall movie night, Spring Concert/Celebration and Six Flags Fiesta field trip are partially funded by our very active band booster organization. They raise funds for the entire school year for all band students grades 6th-12th by running the concession stand at all of our home MS (Thursday)  and HS (Friday) football games. Without your support most of these events specifically for our band students would not be possible.  Please click on the email address below and include your name and contact info and what grade your child(ren) are in or sign up for the Remind App so you can receive important band information about upcoming band events from our Randolph Band Booster Organization and to help make this another great year for our band students at Randolph Secondary School. I have also included the Sign Up Genius link for you to view and sign up for our MS/HS football concession stand dates this Fall. With so many dates this year, we will need more parent/student volunteers so we do not burden a group of parents to be at every game. Please consider signing up for more than one event and, if possible, a Friday night game so that our HS parents have an opportunity to see their child(ren) perform from the stands instead of the concession. Friday nights are split into various shifts and you get into the game for free.   


Randolph Band Booster Organization:

Email:  [email protected]


Please click below for MS or HS Band information-