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UIL One Act Play Contest

UIL One Act Play
Each year RHS competes in the U.I.L. One Act Play Contest. Plays are limited in
time to forty minutes and have very specific guidelines to follow. Medals are
awarded for Best Actor and Actress as well as All-Star Cast and Technical Crew.
This production usually starts in mid January and the first contest is held in March.
UIL Production History since 1996

+2023 We All Fall Down - District (at Davenport), Bi-District (at Edna), Region, State Qualifier 5th place


+2022 A Midsummer Night's Dream - District (at Davenport), Bi-District, Alternate to Region


+2021 Women of Troy - District, Bi-District (no Area due to Covid), Region Qualifier


+2020* We All Fall Down - District (at Ingram), contest ends due to Covid 19


+2019 All the Way Home - District (at Ingram), Bi-District, Alternate to Region


+2018 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof -- District (in Cuero), Bi-District, Area, Region (State Qualifier)

+2017 Moment of Mercy-- District (in LaVernia), Bi-District, Area Alternate

+2016 Blood Wedding  -- District (at Judson), Bi-District

+2015 Anatomy of Gray -- District (in LaVernia), Bi-District, Area, Region (State Qualifier)

+2014 John Lennon and Me (in LaVernia) —Zone, District, Area

+2013- The Women of Troy- Zone, District, Area Alternate

-2012- Amazing Grace- District Alternate

+2011- The Crucible—Zone, District, Area Alternate

-2010- Emma’s Child-District Alternate

+2009- Watch on the Rhine-OAP —District, Area

+2008- The Insanity of Mary Girard--Zone, District, Area Alternate 

+2007- The Death and Life of Larry Benson-- Zone, District, Area, Region Alternate to State

-2006- The Shadow Box  - District Alternate (in Comfort)

+2005- All the Way Home- District

+2004- I Never Saw Another Butterfly- District, Area Alternate

-2003-Marvelous Playbill

-2002-Cyrano de Bergerac

-2001- Two Crooks and a Lady

-2000- Good-bye to the Clown

-1999- Persephone

+1998-Canterbury Tale from the Wife of Bath- District 

+1997- Louder Hear I Can’t Hear You- District

1996- Miss Firecracker Contest (pre-Sarlow)-